The organizing team has put together a full day of content for this year’s camp. Will we announcing the sessions, panels and events for WordCamp 2015 over the next few weeks leading up to the conference.

WordPress in the Crosshairs

We concluded Wordcamp 2015 with a 2-minute discussion about the things WordPress could do better. This year we will continue that conversation with an open panel discussion of the top weaknesses of the platform, the best workarounds and common signs that WordPress isn’t the best tool for the job.

Accelerating your list building with WordPress

Your list is your greatest asset. It’s how you maintain your relationship with an audience and keep people coming back. If you want to make money with your WordPress website it is also your best chance of getting sales. How can we grow a well-engaged list fast, without sleazy, spammy tactics that ruin your reputation? Join Chris Garrett as he shares the techniques that WordPress site owners can implement to accelerate your list building in ways that your audience will appreciate and reward you for.

What your mom never told you about Content Creation & Content Writing

A look at the W5 of content writing, we will run through how to come up with content ideas, different kinds of content, tips and tricks on how to create this content, and why you would even start creating content for your site.

Template Revolution: How To Crush It Online Using WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress has revolutionized the way in which we market and promote our businesses online. In this presentation I’ll discuss how you can use WordPress themes and plugins to launch projects ideas quickly, build your audience, attract new customers, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

User-Centric Site Improvement

Getting your WordPress site up and running is only the beginning. Learn about the various methods and technologies you can use to understand your audience’s journey through your site, discover their pain points, and hear their feedback. These methods are a powerful way to make your site more usable to your audience, and more effective for your organization. The talk will cover web analytics, A/B testing, surveys, and guided usability testing.

From Zero to Profit in a Month. A Look at Ecommerce with WordPress.

A walk through of the plug-ins, themes and tools used to create a profitable subscription business – – in just 30 days. Embracing ‘ready, fire, aim’ methodology to get something out the door and cashflow generated PLUS some marketing methods to increase exposure and enhance SEO.

Make More Money by Giving Your Clients Control with Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a powerful WordPress Plugin that provides a level of control for your clients, allowing them to perform edits that were previously too complicated or had the potential to break the site. We will show you how to use it to greatly increase the value of your work and command a higher asking price. While this plugin does involve some code writing, this talk is geared towards a more beginner user that may not be overly comfortable in that space.

Online Credit Card Processing & WordPress

Learn about the world of online credit card processing, security, compliance, and all it all comes together with WordPress.

Copyright and Copyleft – Tips and Traps for Copyright and Licensing

Jim Swanson, an experienced IP and technology lawyer, will present an overview of copyright in Canada as it applies to diverse areas including content, code, plugin development and open source.

A Laymen’s Approach to SEO

A laymen’s approach to search engine optimization (SEO) including an overview on proven internet marketing strategies and how you can tailor SEO to your industry. Discussion will focus on how to achieve higher search engine rankings and outline different approaches to help increase traffic to your website by using WordPress.

How to Optimize WordPress for Speed & Security

WordPress is popular, very popular. So it makes a tempting target for botnet attacks, spam and general script kiddy headaches… Unless you know how to protect yourself. In this talk, you’ll learn how keep your self-hosted WP site safe from the spammers and script-kiddie hackers that target WordPress sites. We’ll cover an introduction to firewalls, free and paid options for protecting your site, and how to pick the right web hosting partner.

Double Feature: SSL Introduction & Git Basics for Developers & Designers

In this action packed double-feature talk, you are going to learn:

1) In the SSL Introduction, you will learn:

  • Why is SSL important?
  • The recent SEO Benefit to SSL.
  • What are the different types of certificates?
  • A simple non-technical explanation of how they work.
  • Tips on setting up an SSL (depending on your host).

2) In the Git Basics for Developers & Designers, you will learn:

  • What is Git? How does version control work?
  • Why is this important?
  • For web companies: how can I sell it to my clients?
  • How can it be useful for designers?
  • How to use Git properly with WordPress.
  • Git clients & services you can use to make life easier.

Panel: Life As A WordPress Professional

Have you always wondered what it is like to live the wild and glamorous lifestyle of a WordPress Professional? Just graduated from school and wondering how you can build WordPress web sites and kick start a blossoming career out of it? Wondering what it would be like to quit your full-time gig and run a successful blog or teach people how to use WordPress to improve their corporate identities? Then this is the session for you. We’ve put together a handful of experienced WordPress professionals who have all battled through the trials and tribulations of building a career through WordPress. This panel will provide a straight up and honest breakdown of how to become a WordPress Professional.

Site Audit

Spend your lunch with WordPress experts as we do a brief site audit of a few web sites from conference attendees. Specific details coming soon

Mentor Lunch

After Party – Loco Lou’s

After a long day of great networking, inspiring talks and a wealth of information, why not unwind with a few beverages with the rest of your fellow WordCampers.

Join us at Loco Lou’s at 5:00pm for the official after party.

Opening Remarks

WordCamp Organizers Opening Remarks and Welcome statements.


Registration For WordCamp Begins. Grab a coffee, sit down in the MacDonald Hall and say hello to your fellow WordCamp attendees.