Earlybird Question: Building courseware in WordPress


I have just created a website from the Divi Themes from Elegant Themes. I do not have any programming experience and I am just learning WP.

I have an online program with lessons that include video instruction, MP3’s, and worksheets. The programs will be a one-time purchase, and I would like a 6 month access window to them.

I am looking for a plugin that will enable me to:
use Woo Commerce – (I currently have Paypal, but will be moving to Stripe),
give timed access to the lessons,
have an expiry date to access to the lessons.

I don’t want a membership type of access, if this is possible. this would create a conflict if they purchased more than one program and at different times.

I have looked at Sensei, Scholar Press, Simple Course, LFE, and Namaste (which has come to the closest to what I am looking for).
I don’t want the commerce portion to go through the plugin because I will be selling products from the site as well.

I have even considered having a link to the page and have it automatically expire.


Thank you for your question Melissa. This is a pretty big one and we’ll answer what we can, but we encourage you to talk with conference attendees and find some experts to discuss this with.

The 3 primary features that you are looking for include:
– Learning management system (lms)
– Courseware
– e-Learning

The biggest thing that we would bring to your attention is that to execute this at a high level is a pretty advanced setup. At some point, it might require some advanced configuration and/or development if you want all the separate parts interacting with one another smoothly.

We have included some resources below, some of which you are already indicated researching.

With that said, without some form of custom development, you are basically going to need a all-in-one solution that is a pre-built theme or service.

Sometimes avoiding the bigger price tag of custom development means you need to make compromises with how things function an interact with one another.

– http://chrislema.com/elearning-on-wordpress-wp-courseware-learndash/
– https://flyplugins.com/wp-courseware/

We wish you the best of luck, and again – talk to people at the conference, there are tons of experts there.

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